Adventure: Concrete Jungle


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Life is like a game of Dodgeball! Ha-ha! You thought I was going to say a box of chocolates didn’t you? Let me explain.

So have you ever felt overwhelmed in life? Like you are back in 5th grade again playing a game of dodgeball? Darting to the left… leaping to the right in order to miss getting hit by the ball to just stay in the game? Or what about the part of dodgeball that when you least expect it, the ball is thrown at you fast and hard! It comes out of nowhere and completely & un-expectantly takes you OUT! You’re forced to the sidelines to take a rest and wait for those remaining in the game to catch the ball in order to get back into the game. The dynamics in the game of dodgeball can perfectly explain our seasons in life and our levels of faith in Christ.

One part of playing the game of dodgeball is where you are constantly dodging/leaping in order to survive and stay in the game!  As a parent, it can look like this in real life… Running the kids to school, heading to work, picking the kids up from school then running them to activities and figuring out dinner.  And in the mix of all of this constant hustle and bustle an uncle lands in the hospital, your dad’s company closes, you find out your kiddo’s coach was arrested. Oh, and because you’re going to lose a big account at work this means you have to fire a co-worker and your workload gets doubled. And this all happens in a matter of weeks.

How does our brain even process this? How do we find time for God when life just keeps hitting us over and over? Psalm 61:2 says, “When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” It’s in these times when we are dodging life that we need to really turn to Christ and lay it all down to Him.

So what about the season of life when the ball just takes you OUT? You know, “the big hitter.” These are the times when life comes out of nowhere. It could be a sudden loss of a loved one, a really bad medical diagnosis or a job loss. These are the blows in life that when you think you are happily going one way in once direction life takes a dramatic turn. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” We may not be able to see 5 feet in front of us at times but God always knows what is in front of us we just need to take the leap of faith.

The last season that we can relate to is called “the sidelines”. This is when you are waiting to get back into the game. These are the times when life is just routine and overall going pretty well. Nothing major is really happening. So how are we to be faithful during this season? You stay faithful knowing that God is working behind the scenes and grateful even for the mundane, the monotony and any seasons of dryness. Psalm 103:2 says, “May I never forget the good things He has done for me.”

God never promised us that life would be without stress, heartache & pain. However, He did ask us to have faith in Him and depending upon what part of the game we are in determines which level of faith we have.

JanetJanet Crouch has been attending Grace Chapel with her husband, Kelly and two children, Chase 10 & Elliana 7 for over 2 years. Janet works for a non-profit in Wilsonville that provides occupational & physical therapy for children with neurological based conditions. She loves spending time with her family and traveling to central Oregon whenever they can get away. They have been blessed to have a completely healthy and healed outcome with their son and find it pure joy being able to give back to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.


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