Being Busy

busy glorification

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I can feel it coming.  It starts to stiffen my neck.  My mind starts clouding and I begin to feel overwhelmed.  With a pressure to succeed that is driven by demands, I know what I am becoming:  BUSY.

We’re all busy.  Always.  It doesn’t seem to stop.  We don’t seem to let it stop.  Why is that?  Why do we think that we can “thrive” on busy?

I wanted to look up some quotes and catch phrases about being busy.  It was interesting what I found.  Everything from the quote pictured above to, “No one is ‘too busy’ in this world, it’s all about priorities.”  And apparently, the philosopher Socrates had a quote on busy:  “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”  Yikes!  How honest is that? 

There’s also been a word that I’ve seen around:  HUSTLE.  Umm…why must we hustle?  Because, if we don’t, we’re considered lazy?  I’m sorry but, if I’m constantly hustling, I’m missing out.  On a lot.  I’m missing out on the important things and people in my life.  The deep things I need to ponder and consider and discover.  And the sustainable things like practices and Sabbath.  I will miss God, His voice, and His word for me.  There have been times that I’ve found myself so busy at the end of the day that I’ve asked myself, “Hey, Kim, where was God in your day today?” Yikes again!

In her book, “Present over Perfect”, Shauna Niequist speaks to busyness.  One of her chapters is titled, “Simplicity”.  She says, “But if we’re not careful, it seems, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by all the stuff we have to manage, instead of focused on what we’re most passionate about.”  Shauna goes on to write, “I want the stuff in my life to be light, easily managed, simple, so that the best of my energy is free for people, dreams, creativity…”. Boy, did that resonate with me.  What about you?

Shauna has a quote about busyness in her book by Christian pastor and author, Eugene Peterson, so I looked this guy up.  I found several quotes about being busy.  Peterson says, “Sloth is most often evidenced in busyness … in frantic running around, trying to be everything to everyone, and then having no time to listen or pray, no time to become the person who is doing these things.”  WOW!   It looks like we just need to be still before our God.

Psalm 46:10 says in the NAS,

Cease striving and know that I am God…”

Now, I KNOW that we are on the cusp of the busiest season of the year.  But what if we made a few changes – a few tweaks to all of that busyness in this time?  What if we had fewer “yes”es than our “no”s ?  What if we integrated some moments or even a day of Sabbath into our schedules?  What if we tried not to be busy?

This month, our writers will be unpacking what busy looks like in their lives by answering some questions and reflecting on the topic of busy.  Stick with us to be challenged and encouraged!!  We can do this!

Me and famIt’s me, Kim!  How are ya?  Along with Alyssa Wise, I am an administrator of the Authentic Grace Blog.

My family and I have attended Grace Chapel for almost 6 years.  I’m going to pinky-swear not to be busy in this Holiday Season!!


2 thoughts on “Being Busy

  1. Melissa Nichols says:

    This really resonated with me! Thank you for writing this! I struggle with being too busy as well. I look forward to reading more this month and gaining wisdom and perspective from all the wonderful ladies at Grace ❤️


  2. Kathleen Smith says:

    Good message Kim, and what a great topic for women! I agree with the statement, “No one is too busy. It’s all about priorities.” I will stayed tuned to read the coming blog entries!


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