Women’s Holiday Event Recap

This week’s event was full of holiday cheer. Who doesn’t love a little trivia competition PLUS a box of assorted, delicious cookies?

Sign me up!!

If you missed out, we missed YOU. Here’s a quick recap and some photos for you to enjoy:

We were happy to see such a great turn-out of lovely faces, of all ages. A big thank you to everyone that made it such a fun evening – especially to Jen and Peppermint, our hosts, and the Women’s Leadership Team!

What is myrrh?

From which country does the poinsettia plant originate?

Who had the first Christmas tree?

We laughed through 8 rounds of holiday-themed trivia questions surrounded by new friends, mother/daughter duos, and small groups. My table’s laughter was mostly due to the realization that we knew NONE of the answers. Some of you ladies belong on Jeopardy – I’m impressed! In addition to the trivia fun, we cozied up in the lobby with a slew of snacks and hot apple cider. Each lady that brought three dozen cookies with her, took an assorted box home to share (or kindly shared them with the rest of us that didn’t have a chance to bring any:).

This is such a special time of year, when we get to honor the birth of our Savior. We also get to enjoy time with friends and family – whatever that looks like, for each of us. Amidst the holiday busyness, don’t forget to take some time to rest and enjoy a cookie with someone you love!


Alyssa & Kim
GC Blog Administrators

PS: Do you have other photos you’d like to share? Email us at kimberlysgcmail@gmail.com






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