Tis the Season: The Red Christmas Box


Serena’s mom, Charlaine, had a father who created a very special tradition each year.  He had a large red box that held a special gift.  Charlaine and brother John never knew who it was for until Christmas Eve.  Their dad would create a quiz or game of some sort for them to find out who was that year’s recipient.

Charlaine grew up to love this tradition so much that she and her husband, John, started doing it with their 7 grandchildren.

Every Christmas Eve, there sat the red box.

The anticipation on the faces of both the kids and the grandparents promised a joy-filled evening of laughter and delight!  Imagine the joy and nervousness as each child wondered if it was their year.  The questions had been building all day as they decorated cookies and enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner.

As the kids sat in a circle around Grandpa Joh, they fidgeted with excitement as he randomly pointed at each child saying, “Is it you?  Or, is it you?”

They bounced up and down and clapped their hands while yelling, “Me, Me, Me!”  They clasped their hands and exclaimed, “My turn, My turn!”

Finally, Grandpa would single out one of those sweet excited faces, point to them and declare – “It’s You!” All 7 children would jump up in excitement and hurry over to the box for the revealing.  Every child was excited, whether it was their year or not!  Charlaine and John helped teach these kiddos how to celebrate one another when something good happens for someone else.

May we all experience the wonder and joy of the Red Christmas Box this year as we watch others receive gifts that delight their hearts!

IMG_5822Serena Giesbrecht and her husband Bruce have 4 grown children.  They have attended Grace Chapel since the beginning in 1998 except for the 7 years they were in Colorado.

Serena volunteers at the church each Thursday and is on the Women’s Leadership Team at Grace.  They love to go to the beach and watch the sunsets and enjoy investing in the next generation!



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