Tis the Season: Birthday

Jesus Birthday Cake

It is arguably my favorite Christmas tradition.

Perhaps because it is the only one we never forget.

Like many of you, our Christmas comes with a handful of annual traditions – most of which have been missed at least once over the years, accidently buried in the busyness of December.  Last year alone we rarely remembered to hide the Elf on the Shelf, many of our traditional cookie recipes went unmade, and we even forgot to write our letters for Jesus’ stocking on Christmas Eve (my other favorite tradition).

But this one we never forget.

Perhaps because it is our favorite.  Perhaps because I just like cake.

So for many of the years I can remember, on Christmas Eve we make Jesus’ birthday cake.  And on Christmas Day we pause in the midst of presents and fun to light His birthday candle, to sing Him a Happy Birthday song, and to wait and see if He will indeed blow out the candle on His own.

It’s simple.  It’s yummy.  It’s a reminder to each of us, young and old, of the real reason we gather to celebrate.

This year I asked my boys to identify what they value in the Christmas season.  I asked them to consider looking back after Christmas was over and done.  What is one thing, I prompted, that if it didn’t happen, would make Christmas feel incomplete?

The response:  Jesus’ birthday cake.

So once again this Christmas Eve we will make that most special of cakes – the chocolate one with the peppermint frosting for the most special of all birthdays.  And this Christmas Day we will light the single candle, we will sing that familiar song, and we will once again wait in expectation for the year He blows out the candle on His own.

Because we believe He someday will.

And because we love to celebrate Him.

And because we just like cake.

keishaKiesha Brainard spends her days keeping up with three men – one full-grown and two growing way too fast.  She is learning that God loves to laugh and smile, and that He is so much better than we could ever imagine.

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