Holding Out the Compass

wilderness compass

What Do I Do If I am Not in the Wilderness?

We all go through seasons in our that are good and bad. Sometimes we are on the high mountain singing praises, enjoying the sunshine and enjoying the good times. Sometimes we are in the valley walking the dark, cold, dreary and road that never seems to end.

Maybe you are the one on the mountain top right now and you are thinking well I am doing fine right now. I am not in the wilderness but, what can I do to help those who are? Good question!  Last year I was in the wilderness and my heart was sad and really broken. Many times the Wilderness and the Red Sea Road where mentioned at Grace Chapel as well as at the church I grew up in, at a memorial service, and the 2016 IF: Gathering.  I learned through that experience what it was like to help someone while they are in a hard place.

It’s simple:  Be a friend to those who are hurting or going through the Wilderness.

In Mark 2, Jesus was in a house in Capernaum and such a large crowd came that there was no room left in the house, not even outside the door. There were four men that brought with them a paralytic man to be healed but they could not get through the crowd. But instead of being defeated and leaving the area they got on the roof of the house, took off the roof and lowered their friend to Jesus.

I know we may not have Jesus here on earth to carry people to but this picture is a great illustration and I am not asking you to go pull a roof off of a house! When we are there to help people, to listen and to carry their burdens to the Lord in prayer we are essentially placing them at the feet of the Savior. He is the same God that healed this man on a mat.

When we take care of those in the wilderness, we are helping lead them to Jesus. This is part of being the essence of Jesus in the world.

I remember the night I left the house to go to a prayer and worship night after not knowing if my friends were still live after their home was destroyed.  As I walked out the door to my car to drive to church I remember praying, “God, I know you are real, but I really need you to show up tonight.” Little did I know that He had already prompted a friend of mine to go to the worship night.

Sometimes God may ask you to go do something for Him. That night He brought people to pray for me and love on me when I did not know what the results would be from the investigation. A few of those who prayed for me were there for me through it all. But knowing that there were people who cared enough to hug me, pray for me and just be there for me meant the world to me.

We need to be willing to lay down our daily agendas before God. It may mean sacrificing time to call a friend just to check up on them or to just be available should they need help, a meal or a shoulder to cry on.

Listening is one of the most important aspects of helping people in the Wilderness. I liken it to going to a doctor’s office and telling the doctor what my symptoms are and they help me get what I need so I can feel better. It is hard to help someone in the Wilderness if you do not know how they are or what they are dealing with. Be willing to listen to them and offer encouragement or Godly, sound advice. Be sensitive to how they want to communicate. I know over this last season, a lot of the time I was texting, writing emails or letters because it was just too hard to verbalize what I wanted to say. Just as Jesus on many occasions stopped and listened to people and helped them we should do the same.


Megan LMegan Lowmaster has been attending Grace Chapel for over 9 years.

She teaches the 1st and 2nd grade class at church.  Megan is a graduate from Liberty University with her B.S. in Criminal Justice: Forensics.  She enjoys reading a good book and spending time with her friends.  She also enjoys listening and singing to praise music.

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