Where in the World is Lyndsee?

Many of you may already follow Lyndsee Landon and get her updates from her around-the-world missions trip, but there are some of you who may not!

God has been doing some beautiful work not only through Lyndsee, but in her as she has been asked to share her story to those who desperately need Jesus.

What Is The World Race?

The World Race is a stretching journey to serve “the least of these” while amongst real and raw community. This unique mission trip is a challenging adventure for young adults to abandon worldly possessions and a traditional lifestyle in exchange for an understanding that it’s not about you; it’s about the Kingdom.

Lyndsee’s latest post is in 4 parts.  It is titled, “If You Only Knew”.

Lyndsee writes,

“Real, raw, and redemptive.  

These were the words I received after I stepped down from the pulpit on Sunday.  Two days prior, I was asked by our host if I would give the sermon at church on Sunday.  I hesitated at first.  And in my hesitation, the Lord was screaming No! You need to do this.  So I told the pastor, ‘If you want me to preach, I’m in.’ “

Here is Part One:  If You Only Knew: Part One

Here is Part Two:  If You Only Knew: Part Two

Here is Part Three:  If You Only Knew: Part Three

Here is Part Four:  If You Only Knew: Part Four

May we be inspired by Lyndsee’s call to the Wilderness of this world as she shines the redemptive Light of Jesus to those in darkness.  All the while, God is shining a light into her life.

Keep Lyndsee and her team in your prayers, ladies!

{Kim Smith ~ AG Blog Admin}






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