Our Identity: Second Act

Identity Makeup

Yep, we’re going to take another look at ourselves.

THIS IS IT:  Our last two posting months of contributing writers from Grace Chapel.  So let’s dig a little deeper into our DNA.


In April of 2016, we spent a month on the topic of who we are in Christ as Jesus Followers.  It was a month of unpacking what we know Scripture tells us about our identities as well as beautiful stories that were shared by brave Grace Chapel women.

For this week’s post:  We’re taking you back to 2016 and giving you an opportunity to look at some past posts before we jump into a deeper, even more authentic look of what we think of ourselves.  Click on the links provided to explore each post again or read it for the first time.


Identity: Heart Prayer Romans starry night

In this post // Sharon Osterhoudt writes, “Only a God who knows our hearts could ever answer a prayer like the one I said one day as a teen. He had to show me compassion and love, to this day many years later, I believe HE knew I had to have something tangible and real to hold onto in order for me to believe.”

Monet MasterpieceIdentity: Masterpiece

In this post // Danae Allen writes, “What if I believed that I was in existence simply because God wanted me? Because He had this idea in his mind of something so beautiful, so incredible, so marked with His fingerprints that he rejoiced at my conception because it was all finally going to be expressed?”

Romans 8 forestIdentity: In all things

In this post // Robin Whittaker-Martin writes, “God strengthened our individual and collective faith in ways that only happen when you’ve been through extremely difficult times and you have nowhere to turn but to God.”

John chairIdentity: Chosen

In this post // Judy Campbell writes, “I have treasured the time immersing myself in learning more of who God is and what He wants me to know about Him. He is the Almighty God, the creator of the universe, all-knowing, all-powerful, loving and kind, merciful, gracious and this God, this amazing God has chosen me to be his daughter.”

Ephesians teddyIdentity: God’s Family

In this post // Carol Schwein writes, “Even at 9 years old, my daughter had a choice to make.  By all outward appearance her life had been radically changed, but the internal transformation was something she would have to accept and embrace on her own. The world labeled her an orphan, but now she had been adopted.  Her past circumstances told her she was abandoned, but now she was chosen.  Though she believed herself to be unlovable and rejected she was now embraced by a family who would love her unconditionally, simply because she was their child.”

Matthew lightbulbIdentity: Salt & Light

In this post // Lisa Hefner writes, “If we get so caught up in our failures, seasons of character building or in all the trouble of this life, we will become ineffective, bland, dim. We have to see that we are part of a bigger picture, and end of something God ordained.”

Acts booksIdentity: Witness

In this post  // Jennifer Nickell-Ogden writes, “He has designed my life in such a way that I have no choice but to lean on Him and lean hard. The result is that people don’t see me, they see His supernatural power in my life. Yes, at first they are impressed that I can accomplish what appears to happen in my life. I quickly and repeatedly give all glory and honor to my loving Savior, who gives me abundant grace and mercy to live this life that He has called me to.”

Colossians flamingoIdentity: Sweat Equity


In this post // Megan Dahlman writes, “Don’t think for a second that your role as a woman, a mother, your job situation, the depression that you may suffer, or your faith has no influence on your fitness motivation, abilities and expectations. It all matters.”




Phil stairsIdentity: Strong

In this post // Amanda Roberts writes, “I prayed that I would understand WHY I lost this baby and I do.  “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts…and my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine..” Isaiah 55:8-9.  I know there is a purpose behind this miscarriage.  I still break down at times, I cry out to the Lord to give me the strength to get through the day.”

Colossians waterIdentity: Redemption

In this post // Hilary Simmons-Sand writes, “If I was willing, I could call upon him for the power to forgive others for what they had done to me and I would be healed. My earthly father didn’t protect me, but my heavenly Father could heal me. Forgiveness is turning the burden we are carrying over to God, it is trusting God. He could bear all of the anger, hurt, betrayal and disappointment that was continuing to cripple me. Carrying the burden made me cold and it was as if God’s warm breath thawed my heart. Miraculously my anger was gone.”

Corinthians small flowersIdentity: Significance

In this post // Kim Smith writes, “On my messiest day.  On your greatest day.  On the days when we look in the mirror and do not find ourselves smiling back.  We are still IDENTIFIED AS HIS OWN.  This is huge.  This is what we have been discovering the whole month of April.  We KNOW that we are:  accepted, adopted, redeemed & forgiven, cannot be separated from his love, salt & light, a personal witness, God’s masterpiece,  chosen & appointed to bear fruit, assured that all things work together for good, and can do all things through Christ.  Our salvation gives us this beautiful inheritance.”


We still have spots for writers!  You could be one of them!


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