Identity: Exploration

Identity Explored


Ah, identity. This is an ever-relevant topic – especially for women. Especially for women of faith.

Why? Life is always changing. We are always changing. And, the world is always going to try and tell us what our identity should look like and where we can find it (spoiler alert: it’s usually wrong).

Todays’ perspective is a collective one, from a life group of young(ish) women called Real Women, Real Talks. It’s a fitting name! We are a quilt of different ages, personalities, passions and life experiences. We aim to create a safe space to talk about real issues women face today – even the ugly ones – and what it looks like to take them on as a woman of faith.

At our first meeting, the group voted for identity as the inaugural topic. Months later, we’re still talking about it! We found that it’s something that each of us struggles with in some way.

What does my identity look like, as a college student? As a mother? As a working professional? Does my identity change, as I transition into new seasons of life? Is there a map for how to find it? What does identity in Christ really mean? We have so many questions – it can be so overwhelming!

We’ve pulled together some of the learnings we’ve had along our exploration of identity, and are happy for the opportunity to share them with you. We hope you will find encouragement for your own identity journey! It can be a difficult and frustrating road – and you are not alone!

  1. Before we can know who we are, we need to know who He is. This is your starting point – your first step. Get to know who God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is, and how the characteristics of each aspect impacts you.
  2. The Word is your map.  There IS a map to finding our identity – the Bible! We are equipped with the best resource for getting to know who God is and who we are, through Him! The Bible gives us the building blocks for our identity, so we don’t have to go searching for it out in the world.
  • Explore HOW you identify with Christ. Who is He, to you? Make a list of characteristics you find that stand out to you. Are there some attributes that resonate more than others? We found that each of us identifies with God differently – some wrote down words like, “strength, protector, rock” while other wrote down words like, “gentle, love, comfort”. Your list will tell you a lot about how you experience God!
  • Replace a lie with a truth. As we discover more about our identity, we often uncover insecurities that keep us from embracing that identity. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, dwell on past mistakes or become discouraged when we don’t feel confident in who we are, in general. When those thoughts begin to creep in, replace them with the truth – Biblical truth. Comb through the Scriptures and see how God affirms your identity.
  • Know what He says about you! The Biblical affirmations of our identity are the things we can come back to, when lose our way. What does God say about us?


I am loved.

I am chosen.

I am a child of God.

I have been made new.

I am forgiven.

I am created in God’s likeness.

I am the salt of the earth.

I am God’s work of art.

We want to support you in the exploration of identity – learn with you, grow with you and remind you that although life is always changing and you are always changing, we have a God that remains constant. You don’t have to find yourself – you have already been found!

About the Authors:

Real Women, Real Talks is a group of young-ish Grace Chapel women that meet weekly to talk about what it means to be a woman of God in the world, today.

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