Identity: The Beauty of God’s Love

Identity Love

What does it mean to know who you are in the Lord’s eyes?

Over the years, I have realized something that has built up my relationship with Christ, and knowing who I am in Him: It doesn’t take much–just pursuing and accepting the love our God provides to us. Before you consider your own relationship you have with Jesus, ask yourself, “Is this the life God wants me to live? Or is this the life I want to live?” I asked myself these exact questions one day, when discovering considering my identity in Christ, and learning how He can shape me, and shape everyone around me in the purest of ways.

About 6 months ago, I was a complete wreck. My faith had declined and I felt like I was drowning in an ocean that left me incapable of swimming back to shore. I was stuck. I was lost. I was so confused. I actually wondered whether or not Jesus loved me.

One night, after I got out of a terrible relationship that made me feel dirty, unworthy, unloved, and unable to get back to the intimacy of being with Jesus. I was left completely alone.

It felt like Jesus left me.

I cried. I cried until I had no tears left. I grabbed my Bible and began to listen to uplifting worship music. As the lyrics resonated in my head, I began to realize that this had been the first time I had clung onto Jesus when times had gotten hard, and when I needed Him the most. I pulled out my laptop and began writing. I remember writing about what it felt like to have Jesus by my side, and how it felt to be left completely alone, only to experience His unconditional love. He embraced me and held onto me. He didn’t let go. And He will never let go. He loves you.

Not only did Jesus die for you, but He made you to be clean again. He gave you the second chance to turn your life around and start living for Him. He gave you a new and clean slate that you so needed.

As for me, I recognized His wonders and glory. He provided me a shoulder to cry on, and someone to talk to while I was going through the hard times. 6 months ago, I embraced Him again. I gave Him a second chance because He always will for me.  It was then that I knew in my heart I’ve been fully redeemed and I was ready for something new.

Doors began to fly open. The Lord kept them closed for so long, until He felt that I was ready to be revealed what He wanted for me in my life. He showed me the light. He kept holding my hand the whole time and led me to the exact life I didn’t know that I wanted to live.

So, ask yourself this again:  Are you living the life God wants you to live, or the life you want to live? Eventually I realized over the time that I was doing what I wanted to do, but not what God wanted me to do. Take a moment and ask God to show you the path He’s planning for you to take and accept it. It may be scary, yes. But it’s for your own good. It’s the journey to begin a fresh clean slate.

Your identity in Christ starts today.

Build it and build upon it.

MikaelaHello, my name is Mikaela Burdett and I have been attending Grace Chapel for 8 or so years.  I am apart of the Tenisha and Alyssa’s women’s bible study which has impacted my walk with Christ, and helped me grow in my relationship with Him.



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