Women Connecting Women

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Honored Ladies

Ladies do you want to have a wonderful meal with other women who can share at least 5 + Decades of experiences and memories? As honored ladies (55 and older) we want to surround ourselves with new and old Christian friends who can help us laugh, cry, and pray, with and for one another.

We meet once a month at noon on the second or third Sunday of each month.  We have 25+ members and meet at member’s homes for brunch/lunch provided by our ladies who bring their favorite dishes to share.  Sometimes we even go to restaurants that have a private room.

  • Each year we have a “Baby Shower” that benefits Pregnancy Resource Center’s new  moms and their babies.


  • We also help out Heart of the City with special needs projects from time-to-time.


Our ladies take time during these gatherings together to enjoy socializing, sharing memories, concerns, and prayer requests, while also praising God’s many blessings in our lives.  Come join the fun!!


Want more info?  Contact Rita Manzella or women@gracechapelonline.org


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