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Real Women Coffee

Real Women… Real Talk

The purpose of this group is to find a safe place. To discover who you are in Christ, and to meet women of similar age groups who are capable of lifting you up, and being there for you when you need it.

Real Women Real Talk is ranged from 18-30 year old women who gather together in Christ, share testimonies, open up to each other and unpack thoughts and feelings that they may be going through.  Who can come? ANY woman can come.

Who leads the group? Tenisha Tevis and Alyssa Lutz.  These women are some of the greatest mentors you could have.  They care about each and every one of the girls in the group, and they will reach out and provide an open heart where you can text them and meet up for coffee, if you ever need to share, vent, or simply talk to someone about anything.

What do we talk about?  The topics that are covered are based on votes from the group. They ask what would the group like to discuss, and what parts of the bible should they dive into and then take a vote. The topics that were focused on this year were Identity and Relationships/Dating and how to keep God in the center of both.

Where do we meet?  This group generally gathers on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse in Villebois.

I came into the group a mess of my own and seeking women who were able to lift me up, and be a safe place to open up to when I needed it. In 6 months of attending the group, I discovered my real identity in Christ that I hadn’t known before.

Real Women, Real Talk has impacted me incredibly and I’m thankful for Tenisha and Alyssa for being the best mentors I’ve ever had, and for hosting such a meaningful group that has created life-long friendships.

~Mikaela BurdettMikaela

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