Where in the World is Lyndsee?

Many of you may already follow Lyndsee Landon and get her updates from her around-the-world missions trip, but there are some of you who may not! God has been doing some beautiful work not only through Lyndsee, but in her as she has been asked to share her story to those who desperately need Jesus. What … Continue reading Where in the World is Lyndsee?

Stepping into the Wilderness

I started the year right!  I gathered some family and came and prayed in the new year during 24-7 prayer.  I heard God and experienced peace.  I confessed the complacency of living one day at a time.  I acknowledged that I need to dream again.  I've been walking in this personal wilderness for the last 3 … Continue reading Stepping into the Wilderness

Tis the Season: Christmas Secrets

Secrets Of Christmas My eight-year old son Derek and I were chatting a few days ago. I was fishing to figure out how far back he could remember. “Do you remember our house in Seattle?” “Not much.  I remember the stairs and how they split to the left and right halfway up,” Derek nodded. “Do … Continue reading Tis the Season: Christmas Secrets