Express Yourself: Tenisha Tevis

"Express yourself...Express yourself. You don't ever need help, from nobody else. All you got to do now...Express yourself!" is a catchy chorus to a popular song by Charles Wright (1970; oh boy, I just kind of dated myself), and though it is not a song we would sing in church, it does provide a basis for understanding my … Continue reading Express Yourself: Tenisha Tevis

MOM’S DAY 2017

For all the hugs and kisses given, stories read, meals made, noses wiped, band-aids administered, hot heads cooled, silly games played, toys put away...again, forgiveness given, hard conversations spoken, laughs spilled out, worried moments passed, prayers pleaded, tears held back and tears fallen, for ALL the moments...we love you moms. Celebrate Moms Today!! {And we will … Continue reading MOM’S DAY 2017

Express Yourself : It’s Your Turn!

This month, we've been reading about how some of our Grace Chapel ladies express worship in their own ways. It's a beautiful thing when we find ways to worship God through our passions and talents, whether it's conventional or unconventional! We know many of you have unique expressions of worship, so we'd like to throw the question out to each … Continue reading Express Yourself : It’s Your Turn!

Express Yourself: Kiesha Brainard

Kiesha Brainard enjoys expressing herself in worship to God with her words; which capture her emotions, her thoughts, her hopes and longings.  May you be captivated by the earnest feeling of her words that follow. The gray clouds linger long, the mind and heart caught in their depth and shadows. The soul, it believes in the … Continue reading Express Yourself: Kiesha Brainard

Express Yourself: Nicole Allen

Nicole's pictures from the Prophetic Art Night "Artists are the life-givers in culture... It (prophetic art) is where we have the unique opportunities, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to translate the Kingdom of Heaven into a language that bypasses words and goes directly into the human spirit." - Worship Studio   I just … Continue reading Express Yourself: Nicole Allen

Express Yourself: BONUS POST

WELCOME TO OUR BONUS POST! Did you get a chance to read about the Prophetic Art Night? Well, now you get to read thoughts about it from some of the women who attended...and see some art! These were the questions that our Women's Community Pastor, Jen McCourt, sent out: *Were you hesitant/scared when you came?   *Did … Continue reading Express Yourself: BONUS POST

Express Yourself: Prophetic Art Night

"Human beings are made for worship.  Everyone worships someone or something...  [We] cannot help but assign ultimate value and worth to someone or something." "Only a love relationship with our Creator...[can satisfy our core longings]." {Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun} SO, HOW DO YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF IN WORSHIP TO OUR GOD? This month, … Continue reading Express Yourself: Prophetic Art Night