Identity: The Beauty of God’s Love

What does it mean to know who you are in the Lord's eyes? Over the years, I have realized something that has built up my relationship with Christ, and knowing who I am in Him: It doesn't take much--just pursuing and accepting the love our God provides to us. Before you consider your own relationship … Continue reading Identity: The Beauty of God’s Love

Identity: Body Image

Not long ago, I was working with a personal training client and we were having a tough conversation about identity. (Yes, we often go deep in our coaching sessions!) We discussed how certain titles are easy to identify, like mom, wife, Christian, school volunteer, fitness enthusiast…these things are pretty much black and white. They’re all … Continue reading Identity: Body Image

Where in the World is Lyndsee?

Many of you may already follow Lyndsee Landon and get her updates from her around-the-world missions trip, but there are some of you who may not! God has been doing some beautiful work not only through Lyndsee, but in her as she has been asked to share her story to those who desperately need Jesus. What … Continue reading Where in the World is Lyndsee?