Domestic Arts

(baking, tailoring/alterations, DIY, gardening, housecleaning)

Adrienne Jess //
Owner/Head Trainer at Sterling Silver Farms (equestrian) for 10+ years or (503)849-8942
“I offer riding lessons and horse training with a focus on hunters, jumpers, and equitation. I am only available to come to you at this time and do not currently offer lesson horses.”

Coleen Smith //
Head Shepherd at Blessed Creations (sustainable living) for 5-10 years
“We raise grass-fed lamb, dairy sheep, registered Border Leicesters, fiber products(yarn/handspinning/roving) and are a small farm in Gervais. We love sharing about our farm, the land and putting up produce from the land.”

Deni Martin //
Pet/Home Sitter at Deni’s Pet Sitting for ~1 year
“I adore looking after these pets and helping their owners feel that they can leave for a few days and know their loved ones are safe and secure.”

Lisa Hefner //
Organizer/Support at Heart-n-Home for 10+ years
“I love to help others.”

Lisa Powlison //
Owner at Cleaning With a Smile for 3-5 years
Lisa Powlison (Facebook)
“I am a one person team, residential only.”

Melissa Nichols //
Lovely Vision / Founder & Lead Designer
“Think Lovely Thoughts & Spaces”
Helping to create spaces and places for amazing things to happen all while working within a reasonable budget!