Adrienne Jess //
Health and Wellness support for 3-5 years or (503)849-8942 or Adrienne Jess (Facebook)
“I focus on partnering with people to help them make positive changes in their lifestyle.”

Emily Forbes // 
Nutritionist, Cooking Coach & Personal Chef at Love & Plants ‘turnip the beet on your health’ for 5-10 years or (971)832-9212 or

Emily Wyatt //
Registered Nurse at Meridian Park Medical Center for 3-5 years
Emily Wyatt (Facebook)

Jennifer Nienaber //
Owner/Chiropractor at Sherwood Family Chiropractic for 10+ years
“We provide multidisciplinary services including chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.”

Jules Moody //
Group Fitness Instructor (public/private strength and pilates classes) at jules fitness! for 10+ years or (503)577-7328
“I teach morning and evening classes to women of all ages and stages of fitness! Awesome way to get fit and connected with fun women in Wilsonville as well! Also lead Sole Sisters walking/running ministry!”

Katie Harrington //
Independent Beauty Consultant at MaryKay for 1-3 years

Kelleen Beno //
Isagenix Associate at Isagenix for ~1 year
“I partner with an amazing culture of people that want an abundant life and are willing to work hard for it! Life is good!”

Lisa Powlison //
Distributor for  It Works Global for ~1 year
Lisa Powlison (Facebook)
“There are 30+ all natural products including that Crazy Wrap Thing. All products are designed with your health in mind; for example, the greens are dairy free, soy free and vegan.”

Megan Dahlman //
Strength & Conditioning Specialist (women) / Nutrition Coach at Strong Mommas for 10+ years or Strong Mommas (Facebook)
“I help moms become deeply strong and healthy through efficient workouts and practical nutrition coaching, all while integrating a heavenly perspective.”

Michelle Redfield //
Presenter at Younique for ~1 year
Michelle Redfield (Facebook) or

Michelle Redfield //
Independent Consultant at Jamberry for 1-3 years
Michelle Redfield

Mini Carr //
Nutrition Therapy Practitioner at Nutrition Therapy Association for ~1 year

Mini Carr //
Wellness Advocate at DoTerra Essential Oils for 1-3 years

Monica Burns //
Dental Hygenist for 5-10 years

Rhonda Mulford //
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at Healthing You Along for 1-3 years or (503)537-6511
“I am here for you. Food is medicine. I work with the whole body.”

Shou Shou McDaniels //
Nutrition Advisor at Univera Life Science for 10+ years
“Nutrition for Kids and Adults, Natural Energy, Mental Clarity, Focus, Joint Comfort and Flexability. Developed with solid science to reduce DNA damage in as few as 14 days.”

Sierra Smith //
Plexus Ambassador #2195285 at Plexus Worldwide for ~1 year  or (360) 991-7396

“All disease begins in the gut.”  -Hippocrates

“Plexus is a plant-based wellness company with solutions for the entire family.  Products are clinically proven to help you naturally and safely lose weight, curb cravings, reduce stress and anxiety, and more!  Contact me today or visit my website for more information.” 

Stephanie Baxter //
Endo RN at Legacy Healthcare for 5-10 years or (928)533-6885

Tara San Filippo //
Dental Hygienist at Alder Dental Group for 10+ years
“The office is open M-Th, I am there on Tuesdays & Wednesdays!”

Vickie Holznagel //
Distributor for Juice Plus for 10+ years
“Whole food in a capsule or soft chewable”

Whitney Arnold //
Massage Therapist at Cornerstone Chiropractic for 3-5 years
(503)639-0778 (Cornerstone Chiropractic)

Emma Weaver //
Young Living Independent Distributor for 1 year  or Emma Cambel Weaver (Facebook)

“I am so passionate about educating and helping others live the healthiest life possible!  I have experienced a huge shift in my health, sleep patterns, and emotional balance by using Young Living’s essential oils, and I believe you can also experience a huge jump in your quality of life!”