Real Estate/Mortgage/Insurance/Finance

Claire Widmark-Wright //
Residential Realtor at M Realty, LLC for 5-10 years
“I serve my clients through the entire metro area, both listings and purchases.”

Susan Lane //
Professional Stager (accredited) for 10+ years
“Enable broker/builder/seller to sell quicker and at higher price point.”

Kyla Sliger //
I am a Loan Officer for Residential and Commercial Loans with Pacific Residential Mortgage Company.  My MLO# 1113849.   I have been in the finance industry for 5 years, with sales and marketing for over 15.   My email:

Other contact info below:

Kyla Sliger   MLO-1113849

Team Banker

Pacific Residential Mortgage, LLC

4949 Meadows Road, Suite 150 Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(503) 210-4510     Direct
(503) 699-5626     Office
(971) 444-0720     Cell
(503) 905-4999     Fax
(800) 318-4571     Toll Free

Heather Russell //
Licensed and able to write life, health, auto and home insurance for our community.

“My name is Heather Russell and I am an insurance agent for COUNTRY Financial , the best company ever! I am offering our community an opportunity to have an insurance review where they can ask any questions about Life, Home and Auto insurance. My goal is to educate and offer solutions to these vital yet often times confusing insurance needs. If COUNTRY Financial is able to serve our community through the products we offer that would be wonderful. It is of greater importance to me that I am able to serve through educating our friends and neighbors. I’m a friend and I’m here to help.”